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Jaiden Thompson

tw: implications of self harm and suicidal ideation, nudity

growing up a bare doll, i gripped the wind between

my silky thighs in hopes of staining the sky

with my nudity. is this begging? the way i paint

my roof, golden koi caught in our mixed blood;

tossing matches down my throat to light up my

organs because the bleach has run dry. darling,

we’re all plastic until the sun bleeds into our lungs.

tonight, i carved god on my fingertip with a needle &

licked the blood. his words stuck to my calloused tongue:

i am a body; the smirk of my hip, the glare of my jaw,

the promise of skin against bone against fire.

tomorrow, i am a cigar; cradle me between your teeth

& let your tongue burn free, bare child of our god.

Jaiden Thompson is a young poet from Seattle. They've been published in The Heritage Review, Kalopsia Lit, Indigo Lit, and other literary magazines. They are also an editor and staff writer for Interstellar Lit. Check them out on twitter @jaibird_writes. 

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