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  • do you pay your contributors?
    we believe all artists deserve to be compensated for what they create. however, as the Jupiter Review does not make money at the moment, we are unable to pay our contributors. if the magazine grows, we intend to start paying our contributors.
  • when will i hear back about my submission?
    submissions are viewed on a semi-rolling basis; you can expect to hear back about your submission within about two months after you submit.
  • do you accept simultaneous submissions?
    absolutely! if anything you submit to the Jupiter Review gets accepted anywhere else (congrats!) please notify us at
  • do you accept previously published work?
    unfortunately, we do not.
  • what are the submission guidelines?
    visit our submitpage for more info.
  • do you accept submissions in multiple languages?
    we currently accept submissions in English.
  • how old do i need to be to submit?
    we accept submissions from anyone 13+.
  • when will the next issue come out?
    check our issuespage. (:
  • when do you release issues?
    we don't have a particular schedule for when we release issues. typically 2-4 issues a year.
  • what positions are available to apply for?
    the Jupiter Review is currently hiring for: - staff contributors have an additional talent not listed here? get in touch! we're always looking to hire more people.
  • are any positions paid?
    although the Jupiter Review would absolutely love to pay our editors and contributors, we are unfortunately unable to do so right now. in the future, as the magazine grows and becomes profitable, compensating our editors is something we hope to do.
  • when will i hear back about my application?
    applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. on the page, there will be a banner at the top indicating if the Jupiter Review is / isn't hiring in the moment. you can expect to hear back within three weeks about your application.
  • when does the application period open?
    our application period last opened december 26th and closed january 15th. we are currently examining applications on a rolling basis but are not looking to hire anyone at this time. check our join uspage for more info.
  • you didn't answer my question!
    feel free to reach us at or visit our contact page!
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