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Are You Ready For Love?

Damien Posterino

Somewhere two lights are on

in different rooms in a house.

The voices from a television,

characters on a repeat drama

filling silence to stop a man

sat alone from thinking at all.

A bird perches on a ledge

outside a bedroom window

watching a woman cry inside,

it starts to sing and flies away.

People are escaping into parks

doing loops around and around,

their repetitive footsteps echo,

passing the laughter of strangers.

A man hits a hundred golf balls

on an empty driving range,

five times a week after work,

the same sound of the ball

being whacked into orbit,

anything to keep him away

from the sound of her voice.

Somewhere two people meet

for the first time and smile.

Damien Posterino (he/him) is a new poet writing full time after leaving his role in the corporate world. Damien is Melbourne (Australia) born but has made London his home. He has always adored poetry, having studied it at university where he completed his BA. His poetry themes focus on characters, commentary and capturing moments in time. 

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