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A Limited Edition Nobody

Richard LeDue

Sometimes I think about collecting dusty books,

signed by dead writers

and sold online for much more money

than living authors are usually worth,

but then I think about all the blank paper

eyeing me up, like a half blind drunk

on a Saturday night, and realize

a signature is almost meaningless

next to naked bodies, while yellowed pages

whisper the sort of things we hide

behind closed eyes in a dark bedroom,

pretending to be asleep.

Richard LeDue (he/him) was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, but currently lives in Norway House, Manitoba with his wife and son. His poems have appeared in various publications throughout 2020, and more is forthcoming throughout 2021. His first chapbook, “The Loneliest Age,” was released by Kelsay Books in autumn 2020, and a second chapbook, “The Kind of Noise Worth Writing Down,” is forthcoming in early 2022 from Kelsay Books.

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