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Confetti Cups

Katie Holtmeyer

wore beer logo shirts

but drank vodka tonics

Miller and Bud didn’t cut it that night

gave the boot to the guys

who argued about our truths

climbed too high for them to catch us

brushed up against the tops of trees

grabbed their leaves to levitate

but we slipped and tripped anyway

banged our knees on the concrete

had bruises for weeks

memories stained our skin memories

deep-seated issues that only come up

drunk hiding behind tree stumps

and underneath the trampoline

stoke the sputtering fire

with the alcohol we breathe out

laughter in cascades of carousels

we only begin

to break the law when

it won’t break any hearts

not innocent ones at least

at least usually

and we only reach

our peak madness

after midnight

Katie Holtmeyer lives and writes in Missouri. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in Pocketfire's Kindling, 3 Moon Magazine, Words & Whispers, Rejection Letter's Drinking Buddies, The Shore, and Superfroot Magazine. She can be found on Twitter at @HoltmeyerKatie.  

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