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I never saw a fairyhouse

Whitney Hansen

until I met you, until we kissed

between the lilac bushes,

practicing for when we date

boys. Someday, they will uncover our bodies

in the backyard sandbox,

still digging for our way out

of town

& the moment of us will be

punctured by the brittle knocking

of the garden gate held fast

against it’s frame:

                                 Love me.

                                                                   Love me.


                                                                                                     Love me.

Whitney Hansen (she/they) is a Midwestern writer and teacher who would fight God for half a sesame bagel. Their work is published/forthcoming in Olney Magazine, Variant Literature, Nightingale & Sparrow, Sledgehammer Lit, Warning Lines, and more. Twitter: @whitneyhansen_

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