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a moon falls out of orbit and the world ends

Chelsea Sieg

everyone sees the planets first, big and bright

and full of life unknown, while the moons

circle at their feet like kittens pleading for a drink of milk,

an affectionate hand here or there. a moon grows

a static coat and forgets how to be touched. a moon

remembers a time before life on earth, remembers

drifting alone, beautiful and unscathed. a moon is

afraid. supernovas happen every day and they leave

a heavenly silence behind, and nothing is more tempting

than that distant oblivion. the earth is vast and angry

and wonderful and inescapable. it sees the supernovas

too. the pretty lights are enticing. a moon hardly notices

slipping away into space. the stars are memories that

brighten and fade with time, distance, solitude. craters

are just holes that can be outgrown. the quiet

is peaceful. the path is gone and a moon makes her own.

earth is cold and lonely. it looks back too late. it's nothing but

a black hole out there.

Chelsea Sieg is a slightly queer, often sarcastic author of poems, zines, interactive fiction games, game reviews, essays, and a whole bunch of other random things. She can be found at

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