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Sarah Fannon

I’ve trimmed last year’s

split ends with craft scissors.

I am no longer Ariadne,

abandoned on an island

with sleep dust still in her eyes.

my year was naked

and I wonder if hers was too.

did her stomach tie itself in knots,

malnourished, making food of itself

after being left with no words to digest?

how long did she stare at the ripples

left by Theseus’ disappearing ship

to search for bobbing glass,

note tucked in its throat,

before teaching herself

not to be hungry

even though hunger is her right?

I have pulled myself up on land legs,

grateful for moments where naked

vulnerability didn’t hurt, but sustained me:

                 wearing homegrown blooms of magenta,

                 deep lavender, royal blue on my sleeves

                 white, midnight jellyfish

                 under witchy river moon

                 cozy pocket of Saturday rain

                 and pink pillow talk

                 learning to ask

                 for what I want

I step into this yellow year

asking for the courage of words.

I want to palm them like apples,

a feast at my fingertips.

Sarah Fannon is a graduate of George Washington University's Honors English and Creative Writing program and she continues to live in the DC area. Her work is featured or forthcoming in SmokeLong Quarterly, Dark Moon Digest, Diabolical Plots, Divination Hollow Reviews, miniskirt magazine, The NoSleep Podcast, and the LGBTQ+ horror anthology, Black Rainbow. You can find her on Twitter @SarahJFannon and Instagram @ampersarah. 

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