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Feeling Blue

Ross Walsh

Crystalline needles on the

branches of a frozen

forest. A single moment

looping eternally over

days half a year long.

The stillness and

serenity of a photo

captured in the breath

of winter. Once

untouched by the hands

of man, the only

footprints in the snow

being that of graceful

wolves and their prey.

Now, this glacial

paradise begins to

melt, the howling of

the wolves is silenced,

and bootprints mark

where ancient pines

stood proud. As the

blue ice fades, the

green beneath joins

it, the fire of

mankind burning away

winter’s masterpiece.

Ross Walsh is a Wexford-born journalist and writer based in Dublin. He has written for The Irish Times and Al Jazeera, and his creative work has previously been published in 'The Children of the Nation: An Anthology of Working People’s Poetry from Contemporary Ireland', 'From the Plough to the Stars: An Anthology of Working People's Prose from Contemporary Ireland', 'The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMo Anthology: 2020 Edition', and 'Poems of Adventure: A Selection of Poems'.

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