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letter from the editor

the universe is shifting.


as mercury retrograde ends and the moon begins a new cycle, the sun has risen to its highest point. perhaps less importantly, the Jupiter Review has just released its sophomore issue, an intricate mosaic of painful endings and new beginnings.


the cycle continues. we received over 300 submissions for this issue, far exceeding our expectations and challenging us to explore deep, complex narratives which question our assumptions about life, death, and the unending social threads which tie us together.


each work is a head-first dive into the unknown. from the aching grief of Liam Burke’s “stage four skull” to Carol Lynn Grellase’s ethereal “Cinders,” and the biting nostalgia of Erica Abbot’s “‘Starships’ in the Basement,” these works remind us that we live and die collectively by the narrative of our unified voices, and the story of one becomes symbiotic to the story of all.


frankly, i hate writing editor letters. i hate taking attention away from the gorgeous group of works i and various other incredible editors have had the privilege to compile. most of all, i hate explaining. i hate trying to capture feelings and emotions that are best understood by simply reading the works themselves. in this issue, there is an unspoken truth that unifies each piece. you will find it in the winding, muddled themes which complicate and unite them, as they unravel and the page turns and the universe shifts again.


it is with great honor and humility that i welcome to you the second issue of the Jupiter Review.


with love,

Ari Lohr

founder and editor-in-chief, Jupiter Review

please note: we strongly advise viewing issue ii on a computer, not a phone, for the best reading experience


Angeliki Ampelogianni

Damien Posterino

Justin(e) Norton-Kertson

Christina Pan

Tom Barlow

Carl Boon

Richard LeDue

Anne Chen

Matthew Schultz

Carol Lynn Grellas

Kevin A. Risner

Carol Lynn Grellas

Whitney Hansen

Rhiannon Willson

Abbie Howell

Timothy Tarkelly

Liam Burke

Sofía Aguilar

Holly Peters


Huddlestone Phillips

Pascale Potvin


Linda Hawkins

Edward Lee

cover art by Xiu Lian Janz

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