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nature is kinder than we ever were

Abbie Howell

in nature there is a process called inosculation /  in which a tree/   whose branches have been


           nerves /             exposed and open to the vulnerable world /

              may find themselves in luck; teetering structures valiantly

                                                             embraced / by the steady neighbouring colossus / of another, bound

                  not by a sense of duty /           simply an acknowledgment

of the familiar / in distress / they will merge, tissue folding into rough tissue,

                                                                           structures aligning into the imperfect perfected column /


that is the beauty of nature / nutrients and jealousy and sap-flesh

                                                                          / hold no bearing on the other. perhaps it could be said

      that the unusual / the strange,

                                                         crooked hybrids / are more familiar in the arms

            of God’s creations /            than we ever would be


if we were to be reborn as trees / our souls weaving

                                                                   into the vast tapestry / of indigo and vermillion  /

         before crashing back to the green, matted in our coats of dirt and moss / maybe then

                                                     we would be okay / but right now i am an ant’s length /

                                   away from extinction, from falling

                                                                                           to the hard ground / and you /

                           are the one who cut me at the base/ just to watch me fall

Abbie Howell is a 19 year-old English poet who adores writing about the surreal, love of all kinds, and the impossibility of being human. In her spare time you can find her playing her guitar and laying in the warm sun. Find her on Twitter @abbiehowell_

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