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My Dream Documentary

Anne Chen

tw // self harm


Picture this. September, 2020. Exiting

a tepid red summer. The house thicker than

blood. That summer I scratched at my knuckles

like lottos until skin split and wept like

warped hardwood flooring. That summer my mother

asked me to pull her white hairs out. I thought

she was vain but now I think she was lonely.

She said Find the roots. I was so scared

of hurting her. And when my mother said,

You’re making my hair fall out. Standing

over my bed bitter like a memory. I thought I

was allowed to be the petty one. I look up

at my mother and see her the way she sees


my future. Sepia-thin dusty-Western coming-

of-age. IMAX. Panorama.

Anne Chen is a senior from the Kansas City area. She owns a pair of pink boots that are her pride and joy. She can be found at @anneche.n on Instagram. 

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